A lovely and busy summer.

This summer has been quite busy and wonderful for the family. We adopted a new kitten bringing our feline family members up to three. We love them all. We have also been doing summer school and have had many cook-outs with our church family. So much fun!

Recently, I have begun to crochet water balloons. I use this pattern from Left in Knots. I made some slight changes to the pattern to create a smaller balloon. I sell them in packs of six. I also had my first Farmer’s Market experience. It was slow because of a near-by fair in a different local town, but still a rewarding experience.

I had the luxury of yarn shopping recently as well. At the Farmer’s Market, the Royal Gorge Bunny sold and is looking forward to a new home with a baby. I was so happy to see him find a home. I like to make those rabbits, so I purchased enough yarn to make a new one in a new colorway that will not require pattern matching.

I love fleck yarns and this one is a light blue with flecks of turquoise. I’m not quite set on a rabbit yet, but between this and the Red Heart Self-Striping yarn I purchased, I should be able to make some interesting animals. I also couldn’t help but get some sheep-fleck looking yarn because I’ve had wool on my mind.

Finally, I’ve been following Red Heart on Facebook and I love many of the patterns they have been posting. One in particular is the Sweet Stripes Market Tote Bag Crochet Pattern by Green Fox Farms Designs. The project is being published for free as a CAL (crochet-along). Impatient as I am to burn through my yarn, I just purchased the pattern here. I have to tell you, I’m quite pleased with the pattern. It is very well-written and I just might have to use some of my RHSS self-striping yarn to make a funky one for the market.

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